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We are Certus Mercatus s.r.o. Company located in Prague, Czech Republic. We specialize in distribution processes. We believe in fair play and added value. We distribute products with added value to retailers and consumers.

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Our skills
We always look for new challenges. If you have an interesting product, if you want to reach the market you’ve never dreamed about, contact us.

We are professionals. Our main focus is electronics or household products wit an added value. We have successfully opened the unknown category in Czech Republic (robotic vacuum cleaners) and we did basically the same in Eastern Europe. We can do it for you as well.


Our vision
We want to sell and distribute the products with a high value to consumer. We are not interested in cheap, easily replaceable stuff with no added value.

We rather invest our energy into few strong brands with shorter lineup than dozens of brands with larger lineup of cheap stuff. We believe in sustainability, long-term cooperation and quality. This is the reason why we distribute only few brands.


our brands

Our portfolio now consists of iRobot and LIMO BAR brands. While the first one is a rising star and the company behind it is listed on Nasdaq, the second one is a fresh label, which has entered the European market in 2012. The only strong competitor to SodaStream is now on its way up. LIMO BAR soda machines are known for their elegant shapes and mostly money saving technologies. LIMO BAR means innovation in soda business category.


CMG management team
Miroslav Kaspar

Miroslav Kaspar

- CEO, founder -

The company founder, CEO and financial expert. He keeps an eye on company finance as well as strategy. He is key person for M&A resolutions.
Michal Skrabal

Michal Skrabal

- COO, co-founder -

Michal strongly focuses on operational stuff and that is why he is COO. Thanks to him the processes run smoothly in CMG.
Michal Rajninec

Michal Rajninec

- CBO, Partner -

Michal is chief business officer and now focuses mostly on our eastern assets. He worked for Sony, Samsung and now he is a part of CMG.


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