Certus Mercatus s.r.o. is a commercial company that was founded in 2006, specializing to import and export products with higher added value. It all started with MP3/MP4 players and memory cards. The Czech market was in these years in a significant growth phase and significant demand for our products arose, which allowed us to establish on Czech market and to begin to penetrate deeper into strong retail network. In the first year we became the second largest importer and distributor of memory cards. In 2007, we established our own brand VERSZO under which we have produced MP3 and MP4 players, that among all the global brands have become some of the best-selling on the Czech market. First of all due to innovations and added value in the form of high-quality music reproduction. That is why we won 3rd place in a large test of MP4 players, where there have been tested 35 different types, thereby we have by one rank surpassed even the MP4 iPod.

The turning moment in the evolution of our company occurred in 2008 when we signed a distribution agreement for the Czech Republic, with the company iRobot. Rapidly growing brand of robotic helpers for the household as well as top military robots gave the confidence to our company and already at the end of 2008, the first Czech customers could enjoy the robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba distributed by our company. Currently, despite increasing competition we pride ourselves on 65% market share among the robotic vacuum cleaners and we hope that we can keep this trend to continue.

In 2013, our scope has expanded to three new branches in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, where we very quickly become successful. Already in 2014 we got into positive figures in all three countries. For 2015 we have a very friendly growth curve with an increase of over 40 % in the Czech Republic, this also applies to all three foreign branches.

The year 2013 wasn´t only about to expand to these countries. Our goal was also to bring a branch to People´s Republic of China. So in this year we succeeded in Fujian province in Xiamen city. In the largest retail market in the world now we successfully have branch and trade with beverages and consumer electronics. We dispose of licenses for food, beverage and alcohol imports . Good relations with the local government allow us to effectively expand our activities in multiple business segments which means we are the best partner for western brands to enter Chinese market in Fujian province. Our asssets are stable background and efficiency and performance marketing.

We trading only products with higher added value.