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People love the bubbles, in all kinds of forms and situations. One way of human interaction with bubbles is prominent. Drinking. Human body consists mostly of water, so no wonder; we drink this vitalizing fluid in large quantities. For most of the time, we have drunk water in its natural form that came from sources like soil or clouds. It wasn’t until the outset of modern society, technology, and the associated increase of world population that forced us to use water efficiently.

As a result, nowadays in our homes we are able to fill a glass with water not just drinkable, clean and tasty, but in most cases even higher quality than in case of bottled water from the shops. Tap water, whether in small villages or in big cities, is not evil, and the majority of people know it. So we can benefit from high-quality tap water.

And that is exactly what LIMO BAR does. People from LIMO BAR realized a long time ago, that tap water doesn’t cause harm, but on the contrary, it is good for people. The producer wondered if the potential of high-quality tap water can be utilized by current soda makers, and the answer was probably a surprise: “NO!” Even the most recent soda makers, including well-established brands in the Czech Republic, still show many imperfections or even significant defects.

Therefore, LIMO BAR entered the market with the new generation of home-made soda makers that create their own rules and allow using the full potential of high-quality tap water. Soda makers by LIMO BAR brand are 100% safe, user-friendly, easy to maintain, smart, and on top of that, beautiful. Soda makers LIMO BAR proves that innovations are important in every field and that making home-made soda is actually a science.

If you are interested in selling LIMO BAR brand in your country, do not hesitate to contact us. LIMO BAR offers the top quality soda makers followed by tasty syrups with high fruit ratio and top quality CO2 cylinders.


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